LAST UPDATED: October 20, 2020


         The municipality has a total of 108.8398 kilometers of road. This road network comprises 4.0 km of national road, 8.8 km of provincial road, and 96.0397652 km of barangay roads. The entire stretch of national road from the boundary of Daet-Mercedes up to Mercedes Town Proper is made up of concrete road surface. Of the 8.8 km provincial road, 7.353 kilometers are made up of concrete; 0.295 kilometers asphalt, 0.296 kilometers gravel and 0.856 kilometers earth. Meanwhile, barangay roads are primarily made up of concrete road surface and earth surface, both with around 45 kilometers each or 47% of the total barangay roads.


         As of 2010, the municipality has a total of 19 bridges. Ten (10) of them are footbridges, four (4) are spillway and box-type bridges.  All these bridges are made up of concrete except Pambuhan Bridge which is made up of timber. Said bridges are all passable and in good physical condition.


         Ancillary road facilities include pedestrian crossing, sidewalk, overpass, waiting sheds and street lights. There are three (3) pedestrian crossing in the municipality, eight (8) waiting shed and fifty eight (58) street lights. However, the street lights located at rural barangays were not included in the inventory of the Municipal Engineering Office. Said streetlights were being maintained by specific barangays.


         There are four existing Communal Irrigation System (CIS) in the municipality located in Barangays Pambuhan, Hinipaan, Matoogtoog and at Sitio Magaras in Barangay Colasi. These CIS are being operated and maintained by the National Irigation Administration. The total area covered by these irrigation systems is around 112.0 hectares.


         Water requirement of the municipality is being provided by the Camarines Norte Water District. In 2010, there are 1,317 service connections; one thousand two hundred fifty two (1,252) for residential, thirty two (32) for commercial establishments and thirty three (33) for government buildings. A total of 69.95% average water consumption which serves 13 barangays. (Table 69)
         The barangays served by the CNWD are mostly urban barangays, including Barangay Cayucyucan, Gaboc, Mambungalon and Manguisoc.
         The coastal and island barangays of the municipality rely on Level I and Level II water system for their domestic water supply.


         The electric supply of Mercedes is being provided on a 24-hour basis by CANORECO, a cooperative supply system which main source of power is the National Power Corporation (NPC)/Trans Co. There are 3, 956 electric connections in the municipality; 3, 796 domestic, 6 industrial, 106 commercial, 62 public building and 13 streetlights. All of these have an average consumption of 89, 656 KWH/mo.
         Most barangays of Mercedes including the coastal barangays are being served by CANORECO. The three (3) island barangays, however, relies on generators and/or solar energy as the source of electricity.


         Two types of transportation mode are available in the municipality. These are land and sea transport.
         Land transportation is the most widely used mode of transport in the urban area and in the coastal barangays. Although the coastal barangays are also accessible by sea transport, people prefer the land transportation mode.
         Obviously, the three (3) island barangays, namely Apuao, Caringo and Quinapaguian use sea transport mode. There are private motorized bancas that render transport services to the residents of the island barangays. However, there is no fixed schedule of trips in going to and from these islands.
         Moreover, there is a ferry service plying the Mercedes-Manguisoc route. From Barangay Manguisoc, the riding public can utilize tricycle services in going to and from the nearby barangays, namely: Gaboc, Cayucyucan and Mambungalon.
         There are two (2) bus companies plying the Mercedes-Manila route and vice-versa. These are Superlines Bus Company and PHILTRANCO. Availability of trips of the said bus routes is at 7:30 in the morning and in the evening. Superlines Bus Company has also established its pick-up point or sub-station in Barangay Pambuhan.
         Public utility jeeps serve the route of Mercedes-Daet and vice-versa. Currently, there are 15 units all MEJODA members, plying the above cited service area with a scheduled trip of every 20 minutes. Its transport operation is from 5 o’clock in the morning to 7:00 o’clock in the evening. Also PUJs serve the route of Daet to Matoogtoog up to Barangay Lanot, this municipality.
         There is a proliferation of tricycles in the municipality. These vehicles totaling 270 operate within the poblacion area. Sixty (60) units also operate in Barangay Manguisoc.


         The postal office serving the municipality is located near the municipal building. It has only one (1) assigned personnel. The area of delivery covers the whole municipality of 26 barangays.
         There are internet providers in the municipality specifically in Barangays 1, 5, 6 and San Roque.
         Cell Site Networks such as Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular are also present in the municipality.


         The Solid Waste Management Operation Center of the municipality performs the daily collection of solid wastes. It is manned by Solid Waste Management Coordinator, four (4) garbage collectors and two (2) drivers, two (2) maintenance workers (dumpsite) and six (6) eco-aid workers who maintain the cleanliness of roads/streets/thoroughfare. The unit collects the solid wastes of barangay Poblacion 1-7, San Roque, Del Rosario, Manguisoc, Mambungalon, Gaboc and Cayucyucan 5 times a week. The garbage is then dumped in a two-hectare controlled dumpsite lot being owned by the municipality located at Barangay Gaboc. SWM implements “No Segregation, No Collection Policy”.


         The municipality has a port located at Barangay Poblacion 6. It is mainly a fishing port but is being used by some passenger boats coming from three island barangays.


         There are two (2) cemeteries in the municipality of Mercedes. The first cemetery is located at Barangay San Roque and the other one is located at Barangay Colasi.


         The Public Market of the municipality is located in Barangay Poblacion 6. The market houses both dry goods and wet products sections.