Supervising Administrative Officer (HRMO  IV) - Lourdes M. Totanes
Lourdes M. Totanes
Supervising Administrative Offiver (HRMO IV)

SECTION 76 and 77 of the Local Government Code of the Philippines

SECTION 76. Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern.
Every local government unit shall design and implement its own organizational structure and staffing pattern taking into consideration its service requirements and financial capability, subject to the minimum standards and guidelines prescribed by the Civil Service Commission.

SECTION 77. Responsibility for Human Resources and Development.
The chief executive of every local government unit shall be responsible for human resources and development in his unit and shall take all personnel actions in accordance with the Constitutional provisions on civil service, pertinent laws, and rules and regulations thereon, including such policies, guidelines and standards as the Civil Service Commission may establish: Provided, That the local chief executive may employ emergency or casual employees or laborers paid on a daily wage or piecework basis and hired through job orders for local projects authorized by the Sanggunian concerned, without need of approval or attestation by the Civil Service Commission: Provided, further, That the period of employment of emergency or casual laborers as provided in this Section shall not exceed six (6) months.

The Joint Commission on Local Government Personnel Administration organized pursuant to Presidential Decree Numbered Eleven Hundred thirty-six (P.D. No. 1136) is hereby abolished and its personnel , records, equipment and other assets transferred to the appropriate office in the Civil Service Commission.


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